Dongtan Darlings

Sawasdee krap from delightful Dongtan Beach, the mostly gay area of Jomtien. It’s just a stone’s throw from Pattaya, Thailand, the “Extreme City”. Believe it or not, after two and a half weeks, I’ve only made it into town just once for a taste of the wild nightlife. At my age, ha-sip-ha (55), everything I need is within a few hundred feet of my lodging at the DD Inn Guesthouse.

Good cheap food, inexpensive shopping, free wifi, massages on the beach, or in the air conditioned parlors, hot and cold running boys, gay bars ranging from sedately friendly to extremely tactile. Just about anything a fifty plus and gay man, trying to age gracefully, or even dis-gracefully, could need or want is right here on Dongtan Beach.

Rub a dub tub, come and join the club of international tourists and expats, enjoying Thailand’s world class hospitality at Dongtan gay beach, where there’s something for everyone.

I manage to amuse myself here with a nightly sunset joy walk, seeing just how many cute guys I can get to let me take their picture.  There’s no shortage of sweet, friendly, sexy guys perfectly happy to indulge me in my lecherous photo adventures. So I hope you’re also amused, dear viewer, thanks so much for also indulging me!

This is “Boy”. I’m serious, his name is Boy. A delightful princess, always with the latest designer swimwear that leaves just enough for your sordid imagination. He stops by to chat for just a bit, asking how you’re doing, sharing something from his day, and then moving along. Not pushy at all like some of the “moneyboys” can be. He works at one of the bars in Jomtien Complex, and I believe he already have boyfriend.

This fun bunch works at the green chairs.

At the end of each day, the boys must rake and sweep their area clean. A perfect photo opportunity to exploit with my new Samsung Galaxy S4, I got it just for this trip. Do you see, even his t-shirt says so.

This is Panchan, from the yellow chairs, who quietly slipped me his phone number after I was seated and ordered my Singha beer. Haven’t used it yet, I think he’s str8.

Not to be outdone, the next day these boys from the lime colored chairs aggressively courted my business, and gave me bend over backwards and forwards service. Hamming and posing for as many pictures, and videos, as I liked.

I asked if I could borrow his hair.

See what I mean? These guys are probably straight also, but in Thailand, it’s all relative.

I like his style, we could go shopping together.

Nat, and “Boy”, work in the bar downstairs at the DD Inn. I’m guessing that half the boys in Dongtan are named “Boy”, 555 (Thai slang for hahaha, or lol).

Boy is adorably demure.

My Thai boyfriend, Ran. I’ve known him for five years now, and affectionately refer to him as my “mechanic”.  I highly recommend him for head and ball adjustments.

Ran is a bit camera shy.

Back again at the bar downstairs, Boy and (name?).

I can’t resist hopping on the back of a motorcycle taxi with a cute driver like this one. He must have known I was a softy, he asked for 80 baht for what is normally a 60 baht ride. I told him ok since your so cute. I gave him 100 ($3.35) altogether, for letting me snap a few pics.

I wanted to give him a, umm, foot massage, but a pic will have to do.

Creepy but sexy at the same time, look how flattering those uniforms make those crotches, Oh!, I mean cops, look!

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Krap khun krap,

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