Thee Infamous J

Here’s another quick sneak peek from my photo shoot with “Thee Infamous J”. He currently go go dances at Q-Bar SF, and has also appeared at the Nob Hill Theater, and many other gay clubs and adult films. There’s more T.I.J. in the People Gallery at my Photo Gift Shop.


My First Quora Answer: Exotic Gay Travel

Quora question:

So I’m really stressed out and want to go away. I am a gay man looking to travel solo and am looking for a resort to get ALL my needs met if you get my drift. Any recommendations?


photo: A golden elephant adorned with flowers stands majestically in the lobby of the fancy Mandarin Orient Hotel, Bangkok.

Answer: Thailand Is My Favorite Exotic Gay Destination

I’ve visited Thailand ten times since 2005. My go to spot is Dongtan Gay Beach, it’s in the town of Jomtien just south of Pattaya, the “Extreme City”. There are more gorgeous men who throw themselves at you left and right than there are noodles in China.

photo: Matteus, one of the extremely attentive and flirty attendants at the beach concessions, Dongtan Gay Beach, Jomtien/Pattaya, Thailand.

Gay Guest Houses

I’ve stayed at “Tui’s Place”, “DD Inn”, “Feelgood Rooms”, and my favorite is “BB House Inn” aka “Best Bed House”. The average cost of these rooms are less than twenty bucks US$ a night! And BB House is about 20 steps away from the gay beach.

Gay Bars

My favorite bars are “BC Bar”, I think it stands for Boy Cambodia, where most of the staff are from. Also the “@ Home”, “La Dolce Vita”, and “4T”. All of these are in a one or two block area known as “Jomtien Complex”. There’s at least a dozen bars, with a couple dozen young men working in each. They make their living on drink commissions, and hopefully a “take off”. This is where you pay a “bar fine” for taking them home with you. So for a drink and one for the boy, bar fine, and “tip-tip”, it’ll run you from $30 to $50. Such a deal.


For more lurid options, take a ten minute baht bus or moto-taxi ride to Pattaya. The most famous gay area is “Boyztown”. There’s about a dozen bars that feature drag, go go boy, and strip shows. “Boys Boys Boys” is the best and most famous one. They have a scandalous “cock show” around 1am every night. It’s a bit more upscale than Jomtien Complex, so the same drinks and take off will run you $50 to $100. The men are slightly older (late 20’s as opposed to early 20’s) and more muscular.

Sunni Plaza

For a sleazier “down market” experience in Pattaya, go to Sunni Plaza. Yes Sunni, as in Muslim. The most peculiar place, where gorgeous straight Arab men walk arm in arm, and live and work in hookah bars, cheek to jowl among dozens of gay go go bars and brothels. My favorite is “Good Boys Bar”. For about $10, you get your choice of cutie pie, a drink for both of you, and a “cock show” in the darkened back area of the bar. Most of them are straight, and watch girlie porn on their phones while performing. But what do you expect for $10? Ummm, they let you, umm, assist them also.

photo: Chai, who I met in Sunni Plaza. Notice the hookah bar in the background? It was directly across the soi (alleyway) from one of the gay beer gardens where he worked.


If you’ve never been, you may as well hit Bangkok for a few days before taking the two hour bus ride to Jomtien/Pattaya. I stay at the “Malaysia Hotel” near Lumpini Park. It’s not far from the notorious “Pat Pong” area of downtown where there’s also a Boys Town with a dozen scandalously fun go go boy bars. Also near is the “Tawan Muscle Boy Bar”, the “Jupiter Club”, the “Balcony Bar”, and the institutional “Telephone Bar”. “Jimmy’s Disco” if you like loud, crowded with young twinks dance clubs.

photo: Bangkok Pride Swimsuit Competition, Lumpini Park, Bangkok.


Ever had a Thai massage? After just two or three days of massage, my back pain and sciatica disappeared. It’s a brutally pleasant experience, where they twist, fold, and bend you into healing yogic positions using their hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Or try a foot massage, which includes calves, neck and shoulders too. And cheap, cheap, cheap! Anywhere from $4 to $10 an hour for legit. Fifteen to thirty for, umm, non-legit with, umm, happee ending.

I love the Thai Blind Massage Institute, nestled in between the bars at Jomtien Complex. They have about 30 blind people, men and women, who give the best legit massages in town. $8 to $15 including tip. Blind people are very gifted and intuitive with touch and I highly recommend this place.

Not Far From There

Nowadays, I skip Bangkok and take the government bus from the airport directly to Pattaya/Jomtien. It’s about $4. From my base there I try to visit one more city in SE Asia every year, such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), and further away Hong Kong, and Taipei.

I’ve also visited Phuket; Patong Beach is where all the action is. I loved Chiang Mai the two times I went, it’s about half price on everything from Bangkok. There’s lots of gay action in both.

photo: This adorable cutie-pie was a performer at “My Way” cabaret show bar in the Paradise Complex, Patong Beach, Phuket.

A Few Tips

The bars change hands and names frequently, so two great resources for current info are Nicky’s Pattaya, and Utopia Asia. Google them and all the other names I’ve mentioned, I’m sure you’ll be on the next plane.

Now, look: I’m mad at Thailand right now. There’s a military coup in power there, and they seem to go back and forth between cracking down and loosening up, and they don’t tolerate any criticism or dissent. So be careful what you say and post, and for God’s sake DO NOT say anything bad or critical about His Majesty The King or any of the Royal family.


I visited Bali in 2007 and loved it. Not as developed for tourism as Thailand but I sure had great luck meeting hot men there. Especially at the north end of Kuta Beach. From 4 ish in the afternoons to 9 ish or so there’s hundreds of “Kuta Cowboys” cruising for hookups with westerners (they go with men and/or women!).

There weren’t many options for gay lodging, but I did stay at the gay friendly Kumala Grand in Legian, just north of Kuta Beach. Also, Ganesha Beach is in Seminyak, the next town north of Legian. It’s pretty gay for Bali, and there’s a cruisy bush area. I had a massage $6 to $9, and lunch $5, every day at Callego Warung (outdoor restaurant) and Massage, also at Ganesha Beach.

photo: The garden behind Callego Warung And Massage, Ganesha Beach, Bali.

I Hope This Helps You

I hope this gives you a starting point for your travel plans. For some fun and trashy stories and pictures of my Thailand and Bali travels, and their fantastic food, why not pop on over to my photo adventures blog:

P.S.: The Philippines is on my bucket list so I have no info to share on that yet.

Men Of Cambodia Calendar Teaser


I’m so excited to see the launch of this new beefcake calendar from Space Bar in Phnom Pehn.

Actually called Space Hair Salon And Bar, I visited there half a dozen times in Feb 2016, and had such a blast. It’s a cozy place with an open air patio with about a dozen stunningly gorgeous bodybuilder types who wait on customers, and will even sit and chat you up if you’re alone, or looking lonely.

The one in this video showing off his muscles sat in my lap a few times!

I hope we can order the calendars here in the US, I messaged them and will keep you a breast.

A Picture Of Innocence

Innocence article on Wikipedia.

OMG Bound In Public


I could not believe my virgin eyes…

i-MNz3Ldh-X2 bartender

…but there I was, right in the middle of a gang bang in a bar full of horny men.

i-WdWXH2f-X2 Sebastian Keys

The notorious Sebastian Keys was directing a three-ring circus act of filth, humiliation, and sex slavery, for’s “Bound In Public” series of adult entertainment.

i-7H4XPPm-X2 even she gets her dick sucked

All consensual, of course.

i-wFkhXKj-X2 I want to see

This leather boy cutie petutie was on hand servicing the open bar and keeping everyone well lubricated.

i-dJgRV5c-X2 sat rite next 2 me

I was calmly swilling down a bottle of Fat Tire when this stud hunk, XXX adult star Brock Avery, sat next to me and starts, well, you get the idea. A camera man appeared from nowhere and that’s when I knew the action was about to get rolling.

i-6tGd4gx-X2 smack it around

The amazing Dakota Wolfe took an unholy amount of abuse, almost as if it were Jesus himself suffering for all the sins of our Sodom and Gomorrah by the Bay.

i-Zr4ngmj-X2 brutal whipping

He was stepped on, spat upon, and not just in the face, but in the hole at the other end also. Director Sebastian Keys whipped him mercilessly, in sets of 20 lashes, with the crowd cheering and counting along in unison. By the way, his safe word was “mercy”, which I never heard him utter.

i-5dkbdqd-X2 the demon himself

I couldn’t tell who was enjoying themselves more, Dakota, or the demonic Sebastian Keys. Seb was incredibly masterful, meting out his punishments, directing a camera crew of four, several big name porn stars (I’ll get the names for you stay tuned for the updates), and ring-leading a crowd of about 100 loud, drunk, horny perverts.

i-nWvJqxp-X2 cock unblocked

I noticed a strange, metal hook stuck up Dakota’s ass, secured like a bridle and used to yank him about.

i-pVzg6cr-X2 ouch

Oh, and he had a dog collar and leash, and a cow bell tied around his neck.

i-jfKfgm7-X2 spanking machine

After a few warm-up rounds of whippings, a “spanking machine” line was formed. Dakota was forced to crawl through their wide spread legs and endure vicious spankings from all.

i-mTvX5dL-X2 spanking machine

i-KHh3VKg-X2 leg clamp

He was force-fed cock after cock…

i-zBH8cL2-X2 the look of love

…after cock…

i-nrzcm6G-X2 a bird in the mouth is worth two in the hand

…after cock…

i-Xp8NnGv-X2 hot fuck b

…and then gang raped.

i-WCCxq6n-X2 hot fucker

All while being jeered and insulted by a shameless, drunken, horny mob.

i-SKBPpVX-X2 yes you

i-Fb73Zbc-X2 onlookers

Apalled And Disgusted

I was so appalled and disgusted, there had to be SOMETHING I could do. I raced up to the action, and whipped out my — Samsung Galaxy S4! The least I could do was to document this horrible passion play. And because I knew YOU would want to see it too, if not with your very own eyes, at least with mine.

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