But, You’re Not Gay, Are You? SF Pride 2012

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This gorgeous man was walking arm-in-arm with an attractive lady friend at gay pride 2012.

There were several other women with them, so I asked the entire group if they would pose for a snapshot.

The women were delighted, and quite rambunctious if not inebriated.

After about a dozen shots, I summoned the nerve to ask “the handsome man” for a few more shots by himself.

Only briefly hesitant, he stepped right up to the challenge, his rowdy posse cheering him on.

He put his hat and sunglasses on, but I guess that wasn’t what I was focusing on.

This image is heavily altered. I had almost as much fun manipulating it as when I originally took the photo.

You can see the original unaltered version, and hundreds more like him in my virtual gallery:
Photojimsf’s Pride 2012 SF gallery


The 2012 SF gay pride gallery and gift shop will be on view until the end of July 2018.

Here’s a few teaser pics:

Photojimsf’s Pride 2012 SF gallery

The 2012 SF gay pride gallery and gift shop will be on view until the end of July 2018.



December Evolution Teasers

Top Fifteen Outtakes

Here’s my favorites from Timmy Scott’s monthly circuit dance party Evolution. It was sold out as usual, jammed with sexy shirtless guys, with eye popping OMG go gos on stage. The event takes place at Beatbox, an old south of Market car repair garage turned state of the art big room dance hall.

Bebe Sweetbriar, right, feeling the holiday spirit.

Cuban born bicoastal dj Alexander was featured headliner.

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Click through on any of these pictures to see more, much, much more, in my gallery of 395 outtakes from that evening.

OMG go go Ron Williams.

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Oasis promoter Mansingh Chouhan, with his pal dj Misha Skye.

Promoter Ky Martinez, center right, with crew.

See The Original

Here’s the original assignment as it appears in the nightlife section of EdgeSanFrancisco.com:

Evolution @ Beatbox :: December 21, 2012

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Timmy Scott brought Los Angeles DJ Alexander to the Beatbox stage for yet another sold out circuit dance party. Also on stage were the hottest Go Go’s in town. The house was jammed packed with club celebs and sexy shirtless guys.

The sweet, the adorable, go go dancer Jose Vallejos.

House Party co-host Mohammad Vahidy, right.


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