Wish You Were Heeeeeeeeeere…

Relaxation Vacation

I wish all of my friends, including you, my devoted viewers, could join me on my relaxation adventure here on Dongtan Beach, near Pattaya, Thailand. I’m staying at the extremely affordable ($21 a night) DD Inn Guesthouse, just 50 feet off the beach. My typical day consists of waking up around noon, slaving away at my blog, or hanging out at the air conditioned Tuk Com or Central Festival shopping malls where I feast on ice creams and gelatos.

11-5-13 Jomtien sunset boys 111

When the heat breaks, around 4 or 5 pm, I take my new Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play unlocked international version for a photo adventure on the beach. The goal is to see how many cute guys I can get to let me take their picture.

The Farangs Have Gone

In this video, I’m Having a cold Singha, the national beer of Thailand, in the lime green chairs section. The weather is extremely pleasant, a balmy 85 Fahrenheit. Most of the ugly farangs have gone already, except me, 555 (Thai slang for hahaha, or lol).

What’s left are mostly the concession workers, gorgeous local boys, packing up the chairs and tables, and raking the sand clean of stray trash. The sound of them joking, laughing, and giggling like little schoolgirls is music to my ears. They’re generally quite friendly and eager to have me sit in their section, and ham and pose for as many pictures as I like. There’s even a stray dog at the end who comes over to say hello.

Sorry You Couldn’t Join Me

Since your not sitting here right next to me, thank you so much for dropping in and letting me share this pleasurable sunset moment. Be sure to subscribe, so you can be the first to see my photo adventures as they unfold right here on my splashy photo blog.

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