Slice Years Off Your Age!

Short Work

Today an elderly Thai man made short work of my face with a straight razor. Don’t worry, its not as bad as it sounds. I say elderly, because he looked about 40, which for a Thai means about 60. I was killing time between appointments at Pattaya International Hospital, a four hour wait between a battery of tests and an eye exam. All part of a “men’s fifty and up tourist annual checkup package”.

British Barfly

I decided to get a haircut and shave at a barber that was recommended by one of the drunk Brit barflies back at the DD Inn. Although his manners were far from it, his grooming was impeccable.  He couldn’t remember the name, but gave excellent directions:  Find the Mongkol Buddhist Temple in Pattaya. Everyone knows where that is, including google maps.

11-17-13 Jomtien Ran in my room 038

The Scenic Route

Turns out, his directions were a bit round-a-bout, but the direct route is annoyingly crowded with heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Instead, walk south on 2nd road a block, past the school yard. Turn left on soy 17, the Sikh Temple is a few hundred feet on the right (see funny side note about this from

Continue eastward past the temple, the smelly fish market, and several blocks of dirty, crowded, shops, and Viagra pharmacies, until you come to Pattaya Tai 13 (alley no. 13). You know your there when you see these two incense sellers who’ve lost their heads.

Turn left onto allley 13, now heading north. On the left, a few doors in, there are two barbershops. It’s the first one. Ask for chair number one.

English Not Spoken Here

The name of the place is Hollywood Barber. How original. I walk in and no one speaks english, and they are ushering me into a chair towards the back, where it’s a lady barber’s turn. I politely assert that I wanted chair number one, “goot flen lecommen”. An elderly gent turns beet red, not easy for a dark skinned Thai, but seems grateful and flattered. Everyone breaks out hooting and hollering, about what I know not.

Through language difficulty, embarrassment, gesturing, and sheer perseverance, I managed to indicate I wanted a complete haircut and shave. As I said, the cut and shave was so fast I barely noticed it had even started. He could have been a surgeon in another life. It’s the guy seated on the left:

But You’re Treated Like A Queen

For the next hour and a half, I was pampered like a king, or, umm, queen! Hairline shape up, nose hair trim, ear hair trim. Facial massages with 6 or 7 various creams, gels, lotions, astringents. I fell asleep several times it was so relaxing.

A Secret To Looking Young

A layer of some type of rubber cement was applied. While drying, he gave a top notch head, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage. When the epoxy was lifted, so was about 15 years of age! Now you know one of the many Thai secrets of looking young. All of this for 560 Thai baht, or just under $21 US, including tip.

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Funny Bit From TeakDoor

A quick Google search yielded this funny tidbit from “Dirty Dog” on the popular’s forums:

“This Gurudwara Sahip Sikh Temple is down Soi 17 in South Pattaya about 400 meters from Walking Street, Now obviously Walking Street has loads of Tailor shops so this is where they go to make merit for their sins, and they do make merit, Soi 17 is the one that runs behind the South Pattaya market and is filled with run down crappy old shophouses that haven’t seen a coat of paint in 15 years, but the Sikh Temple does tend to stand out a bit amongst these run down buildings, so obviously they are raking in the dosh from the sinful Tailors, they must be doing some really nasty stuff to hand over this sort of dosh.

Next door to the Temple is Ravi Indian Supermarket, this is the place to get all that hard to get Indian spices and stuff in Pattaya.

The only trouble with this Soi is that it is way too narrow, if 2 cars park on opposite sides of the road then no cars can get through, and obviously this being Thailand this happens quite often.”

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