Pan Dulce @ The Cafe G+ Auto Story

Pan Dulce Teasers From 8-29-13

Back Out On The Edge

I’m delighted to be resuming duties for tonight with a photo adventure to Pan Dulce at The Cafe. It happens in the Castro every Thursday, here’s my top 20 outtakes from their August 29th event:

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Click through on any of these delicious pieces of eye candy to see mas, mucho mas, in my gallery of 339 outtakes from that evening.

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See The Original

Here’s the original assignment as it appears in the nightlife section of, the leading gay news and entertainment web portal!

Pan Dulce @ The Cafe :: August 29, 2013
by photojimsf | Nightlife |  Miami’s Vinna Rouge brought heat to the stage with tequila shot pours and a stunning Selena impersonation. More hotness came from the Hunk Guys from Guadalajara, kicking off a four day tour of Club Papi events across northern California.

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Pan Dulce’s LA Stripper Invasion @ The Cafe :: June 13, 2013

Say hola to Marlon, a member of LA Stripper Invasion. Read/scroll on for more, much, much more of Marlon and his banditos. Oh, btw there’s a few surprises for you at the end…

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Edge Media

Pan Dulce celebrated their nine year anniversary by bringing a basket-full of sweet treats from LA, the famous Caramelo strippers. Gloria Trevi concert tickets were given away, as were appetizers, courtesy of Zapata Taqueria. You can see my original assignment in the nightlife section of

Here’s a dozen or so of the juiciest, dripping wet teasers from my gallery of 211 too racy for Edge Media outtakes. Click right on the crotches in any of these pictures to enter.

Pan Dulce is held on Thursdays at The Cafe in SF, CA. Produced by Jamie Awad’s Club Papi Productions.

Now that’s what I call a choke-eat-a-banana.

As pomised. MORE of Marlon and his member.

Can’t say for sure, but I thought I was getting a str8 vibe.

Yet he seemed to be having such a great time, teasing and waving that baseball bat right in our gay faces.

He was extra willing and kind when asked to pose for pictures.

Just a reminder as we near the end of our post (there’s still two surprises coming), to click on any of these photos to see my outtakes gallery, just bulging, aching, and straining with 211 more images from the event.

Choreographer Luis Paul Canales sidelines as a cocktail server. He also dances go go at The Cafe and other venues in the bay area. Be sure to see his production “The Dark Tunnel Series” at Dance Mission Theater Sept 13, 14, and 15, 2013.

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