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Castro Go Go Report Thurs May 19

imagePictured above: Carlos Cano, go go boy at the Badlands bar in The Castro, SF.

When Duty Calls

A famous go go dancer, King Scorpion, friended me in Instagram recently, so I reached out with a hello private message. He invited me to come out to the Badlands on Thursday, and Beaux on Friday to see him dance.

When duty calls, I must respond. I dusted off the ole Canon Rebel t4i and took it for a spin, to meet Mr. Scorpion in person, and to go trolling the bars for more friendly strippers.

Here’s a few of my favorites , browse 229 more images from this field trip in my event galleries, or click on the pictures:

San Francisco Badlands

I headed straight to the Badlands, and this is what greeted my camera. Quite lovely, smooth and delicious. It’s Carlos Cano, who also dances at Beaux SF.

More Carlos. The place was full but not packed right around midnight. The dance area was a bit elbow to elbow, but the front end had plenty of chill space to breath. There was no cover.

King Scorpion In Person!

Here he is, King Scorpion! A towering figure, this guy is pretty, umm, tall! All stuffed into a sexy little nothing, a pair of Nene briefs, which as you can see are also stuffed with ones.

He was super friendly, and super into posing for pics. Love the Super hat, btw.

King Scorion charms a few more tips from an admirer.

Gogo Bear At 440 Castro

Moving on up the hill and around the corner to 440 bar, I poked my head in for a beer and a few snaps of this popular bear hunk.

The smallish, hole in the wall dive was also full, but not packed. Never a cover here and great drink specials, especially the all beers $2 all day Wednesdays special.

Beaux SF

The next stop was Beaux. It was packed, no cover charge. “My So Called Night” is their Thursday weekly 90’s and 00’s throwback video dance party. First drink just one dollar! Two for one wells until midnight.

Celebutante Bebe Sweetbriar, left. Gimme that handbag. It was nice to see her it had been a while. She does a kick ass Shirley Bassey, btw.

This wild fiddler, Johnas Myers, is quite the friendly frisk-a-go go. We’re Instagram pals too.

Chad Stewart!!!!!!!!!!

Chad Stewart, need I say more?

What go go report would be complete without Chad Stewart? This is my favorite go-go-Adonis of all time. Currently dances and bar backs at Beaux, for a while now.

I took so many pics of Chad he deserves a post all on it’s own. I’ve had my eyes on him for like, 5 years now. Look for more of Chad postings in the near future.

JC Events Presents “Picante” At The Cafe

The last stop of my go go hunting adventure was across the street from Beaux, “The Cafe”. Their Latin theme night “Picante”, was winding down but still half full at 1:15 am. No cover and two for one drinks all night! Look at the bird’s eye view of this fine hot tamale-a-go-go.

Thursday Night’s A Bargain In The Castro

Four bars in a row with no cover charge, drink specials, and hot go go eye candy. What an entertainment bargain. I wanted to hit the Edge, Toad Hall, Midnight Sun, The Mix, Q-Bar, and Moby Dicks too, but I can only spread myself so thin.

With all that healthy competition, and Thursdays being a bit slower than the weekends, I may have to make it my regular default night out.

Where Should I Shoot Next?

What’s your favorite gay club? Who’s your favorite male stripper/go go? What would you like to see more of here on Hit me back in the comments, or e mail me:

Book Of The Month Club

PS — This is my current favorite beefcake, male eye candy coffee table book on Amazon. Two hundred and fifty juicy pictures from Bob Mizer, the Hugh Hefner of gay publishing. It’s mostly his later work, when he was able to get more explicit.

See what other’s are saying about “Bob’s World”.

Pan Dulce @ The Cafe G+ Auto Story

Pan Dulce’s LA Stripper Invasion @ The Cafe :: June 13, 2013

Say hola to Marlon, a member of LA Stripper Invasion. Read/scroll on for more, much, much more of Marlon and his banditos. Oh, btw there’s a few surprises for you at the end…

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Edge Media

Pan Dulce celebrated their nine year anniversary by bringing a basket-full of sweet treats from LA, the famous Caramelo strippers. Gloria Trevi concert tickets were given away, as were appetizers, courtesy of Zapata Taqueria. You can see my original assignment in the nightlife section of

Here’s a dozen or so of the juiciest, dripping wet teasers from my gallery of 211 too racy for Edge Media outtakes. Click right on the crotches in any of these pictures to enter.

Pan Dulce is held on Thursdays at The Cafe in SF, CA. Produced by Jamie Awad’s Club Papi Productions.

Now that’s what I call a choke-eat-a-banana.

As pomised. MORE of Marlon and his member.

Can’t say for sure, but I thought I was getting a str8 vibe.

Yet he seemed to be having such a great time, teasing and waving that baseball bat right in our gay faces.

He was extra willing and kind when asked to pose for pictures.

Just a reminder as we near the end of our post (there’s still two surprises coming), to click on any of these photos to see my outtakes gallery, just bulging, aching, and straining with 211 more images from the event.

Choreographer Luis Paul Canales sidelines as a cocktail server. He also dances go go at The Cafe and other venues in the bay area. Be sure to see his production “The Dark Tunnel Series” at Dance Mission Theater Sept 13, 14, and 15, 2013.

And now for the first surprise. I’ve curated a slide show of the raciest underwear ads on (Yes I’m an affiliate now). I was shocked, pleasantly of course, just to see how much skin and bulge can be shown, and if you click through, it takes you to the product page where you can zoom in and enlarge and inspect the goods as close up as being teabagged! These items make great gifts, for yourself and for your partner. Or your private dancer. WidgetsWelcome back from browsing/shopping Amazon, hope you had fun. Now I have a treat for you. For our final surprise, a youtube video of Marlon in action on stage at this event. Ektor the Gaga Monster filmed it on their smart phone and was kind enough to post it on Youtube for the world and us to see.