Pan Dulce @ The Cafe G+ Auto Story

Pan Dulce Teasers From 8-29-13

Back Out On The Edge

I’m delighted to be resuming duties for tonight with a photo adventure to Pan Dulce at The Cafe. It happens in the Castro every Thursday, here’s my top 20 outtakes from their August 29th event:

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Click through on any of these delicious pieces of eye candy to see mas, mucho mas, in my gallery of 339 outtakes from that evening.

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See The Original

Here’s the original assignment as it appears in the nightlife section of, the leading gay news and entertainment web portal!

Pan Dulce @ The Cafe :: August 29, 2013
by photojimsf | Nightlife |  Miami’s Vinna Rouge brought heat to the stage with tequila shot pours and a stunning Selena impersonation. More hotness came from the Hunk Guys from Guadalajara, kicking off a four day tour of Club Papi events across northern California.

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Trolling The Castro 8-1-13

After shooting my assignment for Edge Media at Sticky Wednesday @ The Cafe, I popped on over to 440 Castro for one of their $2 lite beer specials. This hot, delicious go go pulutang* is what I found.

His name is Esdli Pizban, and he was absolutely sweet and friendly and loved being photographed.

BTW, click on any of these pictures to see my gallery of 41 photos of Esdli and other encounters from that night.

Here’s Esdli giving a fun farewell to this couple, they were spending their last night in town before returning to New Zealand.

I stepped outside for a quick puff puff, and this handsome young man, Tony, was kind enough to join in and bat his eyelashes at me.

As did this brother and sister duo, who had been carrying on at Q-Bar’s Wednesday party “Booty Call“. Which one has more makeup on?

*Pulutang is Tagalog for late night snack.

So I’m working hard at editing my two assignments for this week: Sticky Wednesday @ The Cafe, and JockOFF Thursday @ The Powerhouse. Get your napkins and wet wipes ready, the pics will be up any minute now in the nightlife section of The outtakes will be posted here at after two weeks.


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Gay Marriage Equality Rights March in San Francisco!

Gay History Marches Right Up To My Front Door, (then keeps on going…)

Oh sometimes I’m so lucky living right on Market Street near the Castro.  Anytime something historic happens, a march goes right by my front door. And then it keeps on going.

I’ll probably never get married. Never say never, but if I do he’ll have to be a tramp like me. Still I’d like to see gay marriage made legal, it’s a matter of principle.

Here’s the first video shot on my brand new Ghetto PCS LG Motion smartphone! Hang in there it gets more interesting after the first minute or so when I dash down to join the march for a bit.

Here’s the blurb I posted on YouTube:

Published On March 25, 2013

From — I had just stepped onto the balcony of the Luxury Viking Hotel, for a breath of, fresh air. Once again, history came marching right up to my front door, passed by and kept on going. The Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments tomorrow (3-26-13), but tonight thousands of giddy hopefuls staged a massive rally and march in support of marriage equality. I felt an upbeat exuberance not seen since the infamous “Winter of Love”, when Mayor Gavin Newsome issued over 4,000 marriage licenses to gay couples in 2008. A series of court battles and the hateful voter initiative prop 8 ensued. Most pundits expect equality to win.


Trolling The Castro: 2-15-13 Report

It was the day after valentine’s day, almost safe to go to a restaurant. A big bowl of combination wonton soup at good ole reliable “Red Jade” on Church and Market did the trick.

IMG_9473 Trolling Red Jade wor wonton combo wm

With a full tummy, I was ready for a trolling expedition in the Castro.

2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 089 Joshua underneath wm

My first stop was the Midnight Sun’s “Fridays Are For Men”. Promoter Joshua J. Cook was bartending, and he was so kind to spring me my favorite, a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. He produces events at several San Francisco venues, and always has the sweetest, juiciest gogos.

2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 757 Max Elliot Gogo wm

I heard this hot new guy in town, Ethan, was dancing there.

2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 735 Max Elliot GogoMy camera lens somehow ended up right in front of his crotch, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity, but only since I knew you viewers would want to see this for yourselves…

IMG_9435 Max Elliot Gogo Trolling 2-15-13 adj wm

Ethan has performed recently at #HOMO at Beatbox, and at the Mr. Powerhouse 2013 and Hookie Awards event. On all three occasions, he’s been an absolute gentleman, graciously indulging me with my camera, making it almost impossible to stop and turn away.

2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 450 Max Elliot Gogo wm

And then there was this other hottie, Gio! Very frisky, and he tells me he dances regularly at the Powerhouse and to come see him there too.

2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 542 wm 2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 515 wmAnd if all that wasn’t enough, look who’s bartending. Dreamboat Michael Tempesta!

IMG_9459 2-15-13 trolling Michael Tempesta bartends adj v wm Service with a smile, a lick, and a beefcake shot.

IMG_9458 Michael Tempesta trolling 2-15-13 wm

One more gratuitous eyeful of Ethan before my trolling expedition moves on.
2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 303 Maxxxxx wmAfter taking an embarrassingly large number of photos of Ethan, I trolloped on up through the hood taking survey of the bars. As usual, Midnight Sun had a line out the door. Edge was about 3/4 full, and had two gogos, taking turns. Toad Hall looked almost full.

Around the corner, I spotted Chad Stewart dancing at Q-Bar, and decided to pay the small $3 cover. Dj Chris B was manning the booth, and the place was filling up quickly. In a half hour, it went from a third full to 3/4 full. This is his new weekly Friday event: “Pumped”.

IMG_9467 trolling Chris B Qbar pumped adj v sf wm

The light was pretty dark, and my camera just would not cooperate. But I did trick out this one pic since Chad Stewart is someone I MUST share with you.

2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 866 Chad Stewart qbar pumped trolling 2-15-13 adj comic wm

It was almost getting to be my bed time, so I trolled on up a few doors and scoped out 440 Castro. The place was packed, no line but half a dozen smokers hovering outside. I quizzed the door guy why his bar is packed when most the others aren’t? He said good drinks, cheap drinks, and the best bartenders.

Since they had no dancers, and my eyes were getting droopy, I called it a night turned ship back to port. No line at the Cafe, but a scruffy crop of ragamuffins lounging quietly at Officer Jane Warner Plaza.

2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 788 ragamuffins wm adj

The Lookout looked half full, the Cafe Flore was empty. Hi-Tops was packed and loud.
2-15-13 Trolling the Castro 804 cherry blossoms adj wm

By this time the choo-choo came and whisked me the three blocks to my sprawling villa at the luxury Viking Hotel.

Stay tuned for more posts, but if you can’t wait, why not troll my amazing gallery of 184 more eyefuls of Ethan and the rest of my adventure: Castro Report 2-15-13.